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Your Heart and Your Feet: What’s the Connection?

Your Heart and Your Feet: What’s the Connection? At Randell’s Footcare as part of our routine screening we assess how effective your circulatory system is in delivering blood to your feet. The circulatory system is also referred to as your cardiovascular system. This consists of your heart, arteries, veins and blood. The blood is circulated […]


Podiatry and why do I need

Lymphoedema, A swelling problem Have you noticed your feet or legs are swelling and you don’t know why? By Clare Rushmer, Podiatrist Lymphoedema is a disease which occurs when the lymphatic system fails and fluid accumulated in the affected area. It causes progressive swelling, skin changes, fluid leakage from the skin, and an increased risk […]

Slow pulse rate found with Doppler

Patient Story, Doppler Mrs DW   Sheringham This lady came for her regular treatment, she had no health issues except that she was feeling a bit rundown and tired, her usual list of medication had not changed for a while., during treatment I noted that her feet were quite cold, but it was a cold December […]