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A Guide to Children’s Foot Care

Children's feet

It’s important to pay attention to your child’s feet to help keep them fit and healthy. In this guide, we look at the problems that may arise in children’s feet and the symptoms to look out for. We also offer some tips to consider when buying children’s shoes and the importance of a foot health […]

How to prepare feet for running a marathon or long distance

prepare feet for running a marathon or long distance

It’s less than two weeks until The London Marathon. With training and getting ready for this long-distance event, we have seen a lot more patients coming to our Podiatric clinics with foot problems. It’s important to prepare your feet for running a marathon or long distance as much as to prepare the rest of your […]

Why could wearing high heels be a problem?

High heels can cause several problems, read on .. High heels are a popular fashion item, but they can also cause a number of negative problems. For one, wearing high heels on a regular basis can lead to foot pain and discomfort. The unnatural positioning of the foot in high heels can cause a number […]

8 things to consider when buying children shoes

Which shoe is the right shoe? Buying footwear is often a worrying time for parents, there seems a mine field of possible future problems if they get it wrong, horrid stories from relatives and friends about foot issues later in life caused by ill-fitting shoes as a child! Of course, there can be problems but […]

The Importance of Footwear in Children

We are all aware of the rate at which children grow and the continuous changes in size and shape, so it can be difficult to consistently buy the correct footwear every time when shopping, even more so when children participate in sport, forever shredding and wearing down the materials on trainers! Generally, when buying kids […]