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LCN Nail Reconstruction – What is it and am I suitable?

Nail Reconstruction Randells Footcare

With the sun finally starting to appear and the summer season fast approaching you are probably thinking about putting those big boots away and getting the sandals out? However if you have damaged or partially missing nails you might be apprehensive about having your feet out in public? Let us restore your confidence this summer […]

Should I see a Physiotherapist or a Podiatrist?

Foot pain affects 1 in 5 people. Whether you are hobbling around in the morning because of heel pain, plantar fasciitis, have sharp pains in your feet or just generalised aching and pain of your feet or legs, both podiatrists and physiotherapists are dedicated to helping you feel and perform your best. But who is […]

How to Treat Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal Nail

Have your nails changed colour? Are they becoming thicker? Are you worried you may have a fungal infection? There are actually many reasons why your nails can change. A fungal infection is one of these reasons, but skin diseases like psoriasis and lichen planus can make nails thickened and crumbly. It can be hard to […]


COVID-19 Post July 19th 2021 We would like to reassure our clients that during this continued outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19 we are taking precautions to prevent the spread of the infection in all of our clinics. A video of the precautions we take can be seen here On arrival at our clinics you will find […]

Dementia and the Importance of Foot-care

DON´T FORGET ME Why is good foot-care so important for people with dementia? People with dementia can be prone to a loss of elasticity, sensitivity and padding in their feet. They can also suffer with collapsed arches and poor blood circulation. In addition to all this, dementia can cause unsteadiness, which in turn can lead […]

Elderly foot-care is so important

Throughout our lifetime we will probably walk enough steps to take us four times around the world!   When you think that with each step we take, our foot will carry our entire body weight, then it is not surprising that our feet require a little attention, especially as we become elderly. One of the main […]

Knee Pain : a confusing diagnosis ….

We often see patients in our clinics who suffer with knee pain due to ‘arthritis’. This can be a rather confusing and misleading diagnosis, as it literally means inflammation of the joint and it is by no means always the case that the knee structures are inflamed..  arthritis of the knee is rather too unspecific […]

Why are my feet so sensitive?

People often ask about the causes and treatments for sensitive feet. Their symptoms can vary greatly; some might only experience a mild tingling, others extremely ticklish, sensitive feet or a constant burning feeling, maybe it’s a sharp pain that is worse at night or an extreme sensitivity to touch, making the weight of a sheet […]

The Importance of foot care in diabetes

The Importance of foot care in diabetes

High blood glucose levels over a long period of time in diabetes can cause damage to the nerve and blood supply to your feet. There are often early signs of damage, which can be picked up if you know what to look for.

Everything you need to know about fungal nails and how to treat them

fungal Nail Infection

What is Fungal Nail? Fungal nail is a contagious condition that generally starts in one nail and will gradually spread to the others. Its also known as Onychomycosis. Toenails are most commonly affected but you can get it in fingernails too. It can be caused by many different types of fungi (yeasts or moulds) that […]