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Randell's Footcare 2023 Wrap Up

Mrs FW Fakenham – Fungal nail infections

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FW has been coming to see us for the past 4 years. Most of her toenails had a chronic fungal infection that made them appear discoloured, thickened and painful to cut. Mrs W had stopped wearing any kind of open toe sandals or shoes that would show even a glimmer of her nails as she was so embarrassed by them. This was a great shame as she loved to holiday in Florida and Madeira regularly.
At first, we suggested that she try one of our topical anti-fungal treatments alongside having all her nails reduced in thickness with our special reducing drill. This helped, and Mrs W could at last wear open toe sandals and paint her nails whilst on holiday, however, the infection was so chronic that the topical treatment was not effective enough to clear the infection. With Mrs W’s permission we wrote to her GP and asked them to prescribe daily tablets that can clear fungal nail infection from within. The nails slowly cleared from the base as they grew forward over the next 3 months. At her last appointment Mrs W expressed her absolute delight at having fungal free toenails that look and feel so much better!

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