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Podiatry Assistants – Who are they and what do they do?

Podiatry Assistants – Who are they and what do they do?

Podiatry Assistant Role Explained 

Randell’s Footcare are fortunate enough to have three podiatry assistants, Christine, Debbie and Nicky, currently working within five of the clinics.

As the role is relatively new, we thought it might be interesting to hear a little about what they can do.

Podiatry assistants provide general foot care. This includes nail cutting and reduction, removal of light callus (hard skin) and assessment and promotion of foot health.

How it works

Within an organisation, podiatry assistants work independently, but in close contact with podiatrists. This ensures that any problems can be assessed, discussed and referred for expert treatment quickly and easily. Podiatry assistants are also able to visit patients at home if necessary if unable to come into the clinics.

Often this is a more affordable solution to maintaining good foot care. Patients will first see a podiatrist and then alternate with a podiatry assistant. If patients only need basic foot care then they can continue with a podiatry assistant having an annual review with a podiatrist.


Podiatry assistants have theory and practical training under the supervision of HCPC registered podiatrists to gain their qualification.  They have all completed well over 500 clinical hours within the clinics before taking final exams. In addition, the 3 podiatry assistants at Randell’s Footcare have previously worked as registered general nurses. They have a firm foundation of medical knowledge and many years of experience behind them.

To access treatment by a podiatry assistant it is first necessary to be seen by one of the podiatrists. The podiatrist can then assess whether this treatment option is suitable for your feet. For all patients using this service it is necessary to have an annual review with a podiatrist. However, please be reassured that the podiatry assistants are trained to spot early signs of damage and will refer to a podiatrist whenever necessary.

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