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Diabetic Footcare

Good diabetic footcare is very important for anyone with diabetes as your risk of foot problems is greater. 

Diabetes causes damage to the nerve fibres within your body. The first ones to be affected are those reaching down to your legs and feet. This is called neuropathy. It causes a loss of feeling which means your body’s ability to let you know if you have a cut or a break in your skin is reduced. So it is vital you inspect your feet regularly.

Diabetes can also reduce the amount of blood reaching your legs and feet, which is essential for wound healing.  

Therefore, both your body’s ability to sense when there is a cut on your feet and your body’s ability to heal a wound are reduced. This is why we advise you not to cut your own toenails as this could cause a wound that does not heal.

Regular appointments with a podiatrist can help you best protect your feet and overall health.

How does diabetes affect feet?

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What can we do to help with diabetic footcare?

Excellent on Google Reviews


Very happy with my appointment. Informative, gentle & immediately eased the discomfort with the ingrowing nail.  Thank you  & your lovely receptionist !!


Jayne Millbank

How very pleased I am with the excellent care and attention Christine Riches gives me when I see her at Fakenham.  She is gentle, kind and very thorough and makes my feet feel wonderful.  When leaving her treatment room I am walking on air.

Glyn Purland

Had a verruca for over 10 years, tried lots of other podiatrists that just didn’t want to treat it. Came here and was positive from the offset. I had 3 cyro treatments with Aiden and it’s gone. So pleased and would recommend Randall’s for treatment. Thank you so much!

Oliver Kennedy

Aidan treated me for a check up and it was worth every penny – great service! –

Ryan Carter

My experience at Randell’s Footcare was nothing but positive. I saw Jubilee and she was incredibly thorough, helpful, kind and explained what she was doing and why I might have particular issues.

Helen Thacker

Attended Randell’s Cromer today for the first time with tricky nail issues. Jubilee was fantastic from the outset. She was knowledgeable with a calm approach Can’t recommend this service highly enough.

Andy Moir

I was extremely nervous and didn’t need to be! I found the whole experience totally different to what I imagined and will continue to use your first class services  Thank you very much

Patricia Lord

Things were clearly explained to me regarding my left big toe in a concise and clear fashion.

I was very impressed with the advice given and how the situation may pan out with my procedure and everything was made clear on the condition of my toe nail

Michael Placzek

I had a fabulous time & experience. It was wonderful to get expert advice from a very knowledgeable & friendly lady. I will have no hesitation in returning if the need should ever arise

Steve Filby

I am pleased to advise that the care and advice I received was exemplary. In addition to the excellent care I received, the person who made the appointment for me was both pleasant and efficient. So as far as my experience went, all was first class

Stephen Horan

I was very happy with my first appointment with Randells. The Podiatrist was very helpful and thorough. I look forward to my next appointment in Coltishall

Sue Perry

Just wanted to say thank you  for the care and consideration she showed in my first consultation. I feel like I am walking on air. Many thanks

Stephen Burke

 It is good to know my feet and well being are all ok , and the advise going forward will be something I will consider in the near future, thanks again

George loannou

My first visit,  I was a bit nervous.  But the treatment was excellent.  Foot care professionals are absolutely fantastic.  Very kind . I’m more than happy to come back again.

Francisca Nevins

Thank you for my first appointment at Randell’s. I found it very helpful, and friendly, both with treatment and advice for a fungal infection ( which I am following)

Gillian Doel

Gillian Doel

“This assessment was expertly carried out. I now have a good deal of knowledge regarding the blood supply to my feet, and I have made some life changes to prevent any further health issues”

Penny Blythe

“I came to Randell’s Footcare to see Aidan for a vascular assessment. He first took a detailed review of my health history and carried out some thorough testing. I am so pleased to have this valuable information I can take forward to future health appointments. I recommended this 100%!”

Jon Reynolds

-Damini was excellent with putting me at ease and being so calm and understanding when I was very scared of the procedure (I’m not good with injections) she explained everything clearly and answered any questions I had and made sure I was okay throughout. She did the procedure with excellent care and helped to distract me when I needed something to take my mind off it. It couldn’t have gone any better and I really appreciate the level of care, it’s exceptional!  Thank you so much.

Erin Dunning

Excellent experience today. Was extremely nervous about the surgery but the staff (especially the director of the company) made me feel so safe and cared for, their gentle care ensured I was well both physically and mentally well throughout.

Charlotte Hayter

I’ve previously tried laser twice at another clinic without success. It was so great to see the verruca responding to the new treatments .I had very old verrucas (20+ years) and there was a chance my immune system couldn’t be prompted to respond to them, however! A year later of monthly treatments and I’m verruca free!

Jean Edgeman

Had a verruca for over 10 years, tried lots of other podiatrists that just didn’t want to treat it. Came here and was positive from the offset. I had 3 cyro treatments with Aidan and it’s gone. So pleased and would recommend Randell’s for treatment. Thank you so much!

Beth Chapman

Staff are really friendly and give thorough explanations over treatment options. After living with a painful verruca for some years, I’m delighted to say it has now disappeared after having Swift therapy.

Katherine Dunn

What an incredible place! I saw Edgar for a full biomechanical assessment. He taught me so much about my feet and how to correct my feet ‘posture. A variety of top grade equipment was used for this assessment along with Edgar making me feel comfortable and explaining everything so well. The clinic had a lovely atmosphere with a real family feel. I’ve been to many podiatry clinics but nothing was ever as good as this! 100% recommend!

Sukhvinder Legha

Listened to my issues. Took care to examine foot movement physically and with a pressure plate and video. Took time to explain and demonstrate biomechanics. Very pleased with the appointment.

Steve Moseley

Amazing staff, super friendly and make you feel much at ease. Massive insecurity of mine and felt no judgement from anyone. Highly recommend!

Caitlin Lowe-Leeks

With regard to my first appointment, I was extremely nervous and didn’t need to be! I found the whole experience totally different to what I imagined and will continue to use your first class services  Thank you very much

Patricia Lord

My appointment went very well, he dealt professionally with the issue I went to see him about and offered sound advice about foot care in general, all of which made perfect sense, but most of which I had never really thought about  –  thanks

Nigel Coverdale

I am very pleased with the first class service I received. I won’t hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who needs your service.  Thanks again

Peter Whitlam

Podiatrist was first class.  Made me feel at my ease, answered my questions. My feet were very comfortable after my appointment, and have remained so. Have no hesitation in recommending Randell’s and already look forward to my next visit. Many thanks.

Valerie Allum

From the moment I picked up the phone and made my appointment I was extremely impressed with the service. The receptionist was efficient and very helpful.

I saw Aidan and was thoroughly delighted with the service and attention he gave me. I have booked in again and look forward to seeing him again in a few months. 

I would highly recommend Randell’s Footcare.

Linzi Sampson

Aidan achieved the absolutely best balance of professionalism and friendliness that put me at ease and he dealt effectively with my diagnosis and treatment. I’ve had no pain since the appointment so far and I had been experiencing quite a lot of discomfort prior to contacting you. I will be returning regularly to maintain good foot health. I learned a lot during my appointment.

Sally Hammond

Jubilee was very informative, gentle and kind. My feet and especially my thick ugly toenails are now looking and feeling so much better.  I look forward to my next appointment.

Sue Baker

Just wanted to say what a great experience my appointment was last week. I have been pain free ever since and for the first time whilst wearing shoes/boots for the past 3 winters/years. So glad I decided to come to your practice- thank you so much

Susan Kennedy

 I was impressed with the whole experience. The consultation was thorough and conducted with really good customer care. One particular thing – the heel balm recommended has proved to be so effective that I’ve purchased a 485 g tub of the same! 


Roger Preece

I have been coming to Randell’s footcare for a number of years the service is excellent the staff are very professional

Janice Farrow

Great service. Really informative information. Excellent manner.  Would highly recommend

Jayne Wagstaff

Had a painful corn removed along with all my hard skin. My cracked skin and heels were also treated within the appointment. I can’t believe the difference it’s made to my feet overall. They look and feel so much healthier and softer. A great service from both the podiatrist and the receptionist. Highly recommend!

Helen Read

I was very happy with the care that I received, from the first phone call to make my appointment, to walking out after having my problem sorted by Aidan, who was so kind, skilled at treating an anxious patient and professional. I will be recommending you to my friends should they need any foot care.

Angela Erwin

Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday. The team at Coltishall were fantastic from the lovely lady on reception to the chiropodist who saw me. Warm, welcoming and professional. Thanks again.

Angela Lewis

Thank you for my visit today, it was fantastic, not only helping me with the issue itself but also sharing some great information that made feet fascinating! I felt comfortable, at ease, informed and walking on clouds when I left. Thank you!

Amy Retallack

I was really pleased with how my appointment went.  My foot felt better when I left and I was given a full explanation and clear guidance on how to continue treating it.

Lisa Norton

Lisa Norton

All the staff at Randall’s Footcare are outstanding. Professional. knowledgeable, experienced and always friendly. They have been brilliant with my feet taking time to look after them and also ensuring that ongoing medical issues are dealt with professionally. Thank you so much.

Maureen Roy

During the treatment, she checked the blood flow to my feet because I’m diabetic and we both noticed my pulse was slow and she warned me of the potential dangers.
On Thursday evening my pulse was 45 and Friday morning 35 so I immediately rang the doctor who called for an ambulance!
I was rushed to hospital and on Saturday went into the operating theatre and was fitted with a pacemaker. Without Clare’s warnings the potential outcome doesn’t bare thinking about. Please send her my sincerest thanks for alerting me to the dangers.

Derek Selden

I just wanted to say the Podiatrist I saw was absolutely marvellous. She was very gentle – nothing hurt – and she explained everything that she was going to do. She also answered my numerous questions clearly. She also kept up just the right amount of inconsequential chat so that I knew she was concentrating on getting my feet to feel amazing, but also for me to be relaxed. I will certainly be requesting her again. Thank you.

Corina Carnelly

I visited the Randells Norwich branch, Jubilee was very friendly, thorough and informative. I had an ingrown toenail. 

My toes felt so much better almost immediately to walk on, still a little bit of healing but so much more comfortable Thank you Randell’s Footcare

Bridget Booty

Many thanks to Charlotte today for looking after our toes and feet so professionally – even though I am shielding due to underlying health issues, and I was attending with the consent go my consultant, we both felt very safe and comfortable. Well done Charlotte and many thanks

Kevin Miller

I must say how much I appreciated the treatment and honest advice I received from one of the podiatrists at Randell’s footcare, thanks for helping me!

George Mijnlieff

Extremely helpful company, I had an ongoing issue which Karen helped me with, over quite some time, I can’t speak highly enough of the help she gave me and will be forever grateful, all resolved now, very happy indeed.

Martin Greenland

I would just like to thank once again the chap that saw my son today with his ingrown toenails he was fantastic from start to finish and Barney feels so much better after today’s appointment we look forward to the next stage thanks once again for a fantastic service.

Mike Berrige

I would like to pass my thanks on to the team at Randell’s for the care given to me over many years.

I have been assessed by the Diabetic Foot care team at the Queen Elisabeth hospital and been referred to Norfolk and Norwich for urgent Vascular surgery to my legs. I have been having twice weekly dressings to my feet for Ulcers. A big thank you Karen for spotting this.

Mike Powell

Thank you so much for your attention to my infected foot, your masterly surgical attention has enabled me to walk without pain, and within 36 hrs, it was a 95% recovery, as to the pain I was having to endure. I am taking your advice to bathe it once a day in salt and hot water for the next few days, 5 in all, Thank you Manuel.

Eddie Elmhirst


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