First steps from the Leaf Hospital Eastbourne

Karen & Steve Randell leave their former nursing careers to study BSc Podiatry for 3 years at the Leaf Hospital in Eastbourne, part of the University of Brighton. Both graduated in 1991.

Bespoke Podiatry Only clinics

Recognising the need for centres solely concerned with foot care, Karen & Steve develop successful podiatry clinics in Tunbridge Wells, Kent & in Crowborough, East Sussex with multiple smaller clinics placed within GP medical centres.

A Breath of Sea Air

Wanting a change from the busy South-east counties a move to Norfolk, back to Karen’s home county to bring up two children near the sea in the county they love and taking time to settle into a new lifestyle.

Kick Off in Norfolk

With a family name, ‘Randell’s Footcare’, opens the first clinic in North Walsham, Norfolk and begins to receive new patient referrals from GPs and other health professionals.

Increased need, Evergrowing clinics

Recognising the need for more clinics to open very quickly, clinics are developed in Coltishall and Aylsham and Randell’s Footcare’ recruits more podiatrists to help keep up with the foot care demands of it’s patients.

Randell’s Healthcare opens as a private health clinic in Sheringham, Norfolk

Realising that people are travelling from further afield for podiatry treatments, the company opens up clinics in Sheringham, Cromer & Fakenham. Sheringham has 5 treatment rooms so are able to provide local people with other health care services such as hearing clinics, counselling and medical thermal imaging.

Biomechanics an Important Step Forward

There is an increasing need to provide in-house orthotic prescription and gait analysis so this service is developed with recruitment of highly qualified biomechanics trained Podiatrists from Spain.

A Bespoke Podiatry & Biomechanics Centre opens within Norwich

With the service in Norwich becoming ever more popular within medical centres, the company opens it's own premises along the Dereham Road in 2019, this centre has a specialist biomechanics suite as well as 3 podiatry treatment rooms and parking for all patients. Randell’s Footcare now consists of 7 clinics & a Biomechanics centre across Norfolk & Norwich .

Team #Randell’s grows as we recruit internationally

We now have a team of 10 podiatrists, 2 podiatry assistants, a business manager and 7 admin staff. Our team comes from the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Spain and South Africa. A family spirit is at the core of our team, and we are able to share our combined diverse expertise within our practice.

Succeeding Family Business

Aidan, Karen & Steve’s son graduates with BSc Podiatry from Manchester’s Salford University and joins the company full time as a clinician and business associate, Jodie who graduated in 2018 also joins the team, working behind the scenes as a business development manager.