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Nail reconstruction

Available at our Aylsham clinic.

This is suitable if you have thickened, yellow or fungal
nails or nails damaged following ingrowing toenail surgery. Once applied, you will be
able to cut and file it like a real toenail. You will be able to paint over the nail with
regular nail polish and remove it without damaging the reconstructed nail. The
self-levelling gel conceals ridges, deformation and hides discolouration.

Nail reconstruction

Randell's Footcare

Further Details

The reconstruction is carried out in two stages; the first week for preparation and filing down the nail, and the LCN procedure carried out the following week.

The nail is guaranteed to last a month, and should easily last two months. However after two months it should be removed for hygiene reasons. You can then have the nail prepped again and have a new one applied.

Nail Bracing

Also available at our Aylsham Clinic. Nail bracing is a technique to help tight, involuted curly toenails. It is particularly useful for those who can’t have nail surgery for either health reasons or time constraints. 

A band of putty is applied low down to the cuticle and set under a blue light. Once cured, this band helps to straighten or uncurl the nail, reducing the pressure on the toe which is causing pain. The procedure is completely painless, quick and easy. You wear the band until it grows halfway up the nail, then a second band is applied at the base again. Once both of these have grown out the treatment is complete. Most people report a reduction in symptoms straight away. 

The procedure is suitable for everyone, there are no medical complications which would prevent nail bracing. It is however not suitable if you have an active ingrowing toenail with an open wound, if your nail is fungal, or if some part of the nail is detaching.

Excellent on Google Reviews


The nail reconstruction system was a totally painless process and quick to have done. I had suffered with fungal nail infection in my big toes for years and nothing had worked. I started going to Randell’s and they successfully eliminated the infection. Although very happy my feet were healthy again, I was very self conscious of having half a big toenail on each foot and hated anyone seeing my feet. The treatment enabled me to confidently wear open toed footwear again.
Jo Peasgood
 The process was quick and done to the highest standard. Clare answered any questions I had and really put me at ease. The nail reconstruction has really boosted my confidence and has meant I can enjoy swimming and trips to the beach without feeling self conscious.
Linsey Halls
The nail reconstruction process was thoroughly explained before starting. Clare regularly asked if I was ok. The process was quick and painless. Nail reconstruction is wonderful! I can wear summer sandals and shoes without feeling conscious of how my big toes. I find as my big toes look normal after nail reconstruction, I take more care of my feet generally & I like my feet more!
Lesley Potter


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  • Podiatry Treatment £65
  • New Patient Assessment & Treatment £75
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  • Single Toe £650
  • Multiple Toes £750
  • Swift Verrucae Treatment
  • 3 Month Course £400
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  • LCN Nail reconstruction £75 - £90
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