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Fungal nail Infections

This is common and can affect one or several toenails. Nails can become thickened and/or discoloured.

Sometimes the nail is difficult and tender to trim, at first it may only affect one nail and may develop after a trauma or damage to that nail.

People often assume that it is part of the ageing process or wear and tear, which is not true.

Eventually all of the toenails may become infected.


Randell's Footcare

Fungal skin Infections

Sometimes the skin on the soles of the feet becomes very dry and flaky especially around the borders of the heels, and this does not improve with moisturising creams and often gets worse. Often there are little brown/red blisters especially in the arch of the feet (Tinea Pedis).

Between the toes it becomes itchy and moist and often very odorous (Athlete’s foot).

There is often redness both between the toes and on the soles of the foot and around the borders of the heels.


Our Treatment

Fungal Nail Infections

Reduce the nails to near normal thickness

Provide topical medication in the form of drops/oil that need to be applied regularly.

Send off a sample for a PCR test.

Advise oral anti-fungal medication from the GP.

Treatment is usually successful with the return of healthy new nail plates which are then easy to manage once again.

Fungal Skin Infections

We can diagnose the type of infection.

Issue the right kind of cream/ gel or spray to use.

Give advice on footwear, socks and bathing.

Once treatment starts the infection usually clears up within a few days.

Excellent on Google Reviews


I had suffered with fungal nail infection in my big toes for years and nothing had worked. I started going to Randell’s and they successfully eliminated the infection. Although very happy my feet were healthy again, I was very self conscious of having half a big toenail on each foot and hated anyone seeing my feet. The treatment enabled me to confidently wear open toed footwear again.

Jo Peasgood

Attended Randell’s Cromer today for the first time with tricky nail issues. Jubilee was fantastic from the outset. She was knowledgeable with a calm approach Can’t recommend this service highly enough.

Andy Moir

Thank you for my first appointment at Randell’s. I found it very helpful, and friendly, both with treatment and advice for a fungal infection ( which I am following)

Gillian Doel

Gillian Doel


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