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Vascular Assessment

A vascular assessment is a non-invasive test that checks the blood flow in the arteries and veins in your legs and feet. It enables us to get a better understanding of your body’s circulatory system.

During the assessment we perform comprehensive tests on your legs and feet, and compare the results to your upper body to see what percentage of your blood is making it’s way to your lower limbs and feet.

We recommend a vascular assessment if you suffer from any of the following symptoms:

What happens during the assessment?

The podiatrist will use a doppler machine to listen & record the blood flow at various points on your body. An ABPI (Ankle brachial pressure index) reading is taken from blood pressure readings at your arms, legs and both big toes. In addition to this, a 6-lead KARDIA ECG will be used and the data recorded.


Randell's Footcare

A Comprehensive “map” of your circulatory system.

Once the tests are taken the podiatrist will talk you through the results and you will receive an individualised patient pack with detailed
results and readings from each of the different diagnostic tests explaining what the results mean.

Depending on the results of your assessment the podiatrist will talk about ways in which you can improve your circulation and best protect your health.

Depending on the results, the podiatrist may make an NHS GP referral. The podiatrist will discuss with you why and to whom they are referring you with your consent. This will give other health professionals a base line for ongoing tests or treatments if needed

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“This assessment was expertly carried out. I now have a good deal of knowledge regarding the blood supply to my feet, and I have made some life changes to prevent any further health issues”

Penny Blythe

“I came to Randell’s Footcare to see Aidan for a vascular assessment. He first took a detailed review of my health history and carried out some thorough testing. I am so pleased to have this valuable information I can take forward to future health appointments. I recommended this 100%!”

Jon Reynolds

All the staff at Randall’s Footcare are outstanding. Professional. knowledgeable, experienced and always friendly. They have been brilliant with my feet taking time to look after them and also ensuring that ongoing medical issues are dealt with professionally. Thank you so much.

Maureen Roy


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  • Multiple Toes £750
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