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Skin Lesion Check Clinic

We use a Dermatosocope to identify suspicious lesions, available at our Aylsham Clinic.

What is Skin Lesion Check

Is there a new mole or spot which has appeared on your body? Has one of your moles or spots changed recently, e.g. grown bigger? By using a dermatoscope we can help decide if the mole or spot is perfectly safe, or if there are any features which require a specialist to look at it.

If there is anything which looks suspicious, you would be referred to your GP or to a dermatologist who can take a biopsy or remove it.

A dermatoscope is a device which uses magnification and polarised light to see deeper into the structures of the skin. This can help us tell whether there is anything worrisome about the lesion (moles, red spot etc) which would need a referral to your GP.

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Excellent service, would highly recommend to others!

Melanie Williams

The appointment was on time and the consultation was thorough, expert and friendly. I received treatment with no pressure regarding buying products from Randell’s. Overall a very good experience!

Christine Jewell

Excellent Service!

Clear and helpful advice, patient and very understanding. I could not fault my session in any way.

Clive Brooks


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  • Podiatry Treatment £65
  • New Patient Assessment & Treatment £75
  • Podiatry Assistant £45
  • Ingrowing Toenail Surgery:
  • Single Toe £650
  • Multiple Toes £750
  • Swift Verrucae Treatment
  • 3 Month Course £400
  • Additional Treatment £80
  • Plasma Verrucae Treatment £85
  • Cryotherapy Verruca Treatment £85
  • Skin lesion £65
  • LCN Nail reconstruction £75 - £90
  • Full Biomechanical Assessment £180
  • Shockwave Therapy £125
  • Vascular Assessment £180