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Bio-mechanical Assessment (Made simple!)

 Specialists in podiatry and biomechanics

Our feet are the only things that support us against the ground and the way they do this influences the rest of our body’s posture.

We are specialists in podiatry and biomechanics.  Particularly interested in the bio-mechanical studies which serve to assess which type of treatment is the most appropriate for our patients. Examples of this are: advising certain exercises, the wearing of bespoke orthotics (insoles) and of course footwear recommendations.

Observation tests

First of all we carry out a static analysis of our patient, this is so we can observe the patient standing while we perform a series of tests to help us with our diagnosis.

Following this we will examine our patient stretched out on the patient couch, where we pay particular attention to the entire lower body, from the hip to the foot passing through the knee, as we know that any ailment in the foot can be caused by problems in the hip and vice versa.

Once this is done, we then observe our patient walking so that we can analyse the walking pattern. This is one of the most important parts of the appointment and we often make a recording with slow-motion cameras so that we have the ability to see in detail each step that our patient takes.


Treatment focused decision-making

This concludes the bio-mechanical study and it is then necessary for us to focus on which treatment is the most appropriate for our patient.

Sometimes we decide to prescribe bespoke orthotics. This involves taking a cast of our patient’s feet in order to have an exact mold of the foot and to be able to tailor the orthotics that best solve their foot related problems. In other cases we will advise exercises and will then explain to our patient, how, when and in what form they should perform them.

And so begins the road to recovery for our patient whom we have been able to help along the way with our specialist knowledge!

Edgar Villora, Podiatrist at Randell’s Footcare.


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