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Meet Karen Randell, Co-founder of Randell's Footcare

Karen Randell is an experienced podiatrist and clinical director of Randell’s Footcare, the other director is Karen’s husband Steve and their son Aidan is currently in his 2nd year at university studying podiatry, so it’s a real family business!

Randell’s Footcare offer excellence and expertise for all issues affecting the feet and lower limbs in their seven clinics across Norwich and North Norfolk. They are one of the most established podiatry practices in the country and their team of clinicians provide the latest in podiatry treatments, including a specialist bio-mechanics service.

People often ask what the difference is between a podiatrist and a chiropodist. Podiatrist is the new terminology for the professional qualification consisting of a minimum three year university course surrounding all medical issues of the foot and lower limb.

All podiatrists at Randell’s Footcare have spent three years training at university for their podiatry degree, as well as further training in specialist techniques.

So why visit a podiatrist?

Any discomfort in your feet can really affect day to day living which may lead on to more severe issues. This discomfort and most foot issues, can be easily relieved with treatment by a podiatrist. Foot pain will also affect the way you walk, which can in turn can cause issues in knees, legs and hips. This is where having a biomechanical assessment can help.

Karen and her team treat people every day with corns, callus (hard skin), verrucae, fungal infections, in-grown nails, pains associated with walking and sporting injuries. In fact any issue you might have with your feet!

Some people may only need one appointment, for instance to relieve the discomfort of an in-grown toenail, while others may need a longer course of treatment.  Anyone suffering with diabetes should be getting their feet checked on a regular basis, as subtle changes to the circulation and nerve supply of the foot can be picked up by a podiatrist, before real permanent damage is done.

Thinking about the future

As we grow older and less mobile, taking care of our feet and nails becomes more difficult, which is why many patients benefit from routine appointments.

Karen feels that so often podiatry can really improve the quality of her patient’s lives, and this makes her work and that of her team really worthwhile.

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