Glasgow to Norwich, a podiatry journey explained

smiling podiatrist treating a patient

Leaving high school my interest in sports and fitness led me to studying sports coaching. On completion of this course, I took a year out to work and save money to travel.  Returning I wanted to use the skills I had gained from studying sports to transfer into a medical related field so with a bit of encouragement from family I decided to choose Podiatry.

Glasgow Caledonian University

Studying for four years and gaining my BSc Hons degree in Podiatry from Glasgow Caledonian University has equipped me well for the role. The exposure was great. I have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work a variety of patients from rheumatic, vascular and neurological to musculoskeletal, the high-risk foot and children.

Welcome with tractors!

 My favourite aspects of podiatry have to be rheumatology and nail surgery. I like to be hands on and enjoy seeing the long term success of treatment plans. There is great work being carried out in preventative treatment in Podiatry which saves limbs and lives.

Swapping Glasgow for Norfolk has been an enjoyable change. I am even growing accustom to looking at the back of tractors whilst travelling to work!  Randell’s Footcare have welcomed me with open arms and have helped me to settle into the family with ease.  I am slowly but surely tuning into the Norfolk accent but I don’t think ill be adopting it anytime soon! All their clinics have a nice warmth about them which makes it enjoyable for myself and the patients to visit every day. If you are passing by pop in and say hello as you guys are the reason we love coming to work.

Square sausages & Haggis

If you have met me there is a good chance you will struggle to understand my accent, smiling a nodding is usually an indication of this. For anyone who is wondering, yes, I like the taste of haggis! My interests include all things football related and I am considering becoming a part time canaries fan whilst I am here. You can find me out running or sampling as much food as I can.

Ps if anyone knows where you can buy square sausages get in touch! Chris Park BSc Podiatry

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