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How to deal with unpleasant foot odour

If you are experiencing unpleasant foot odour, it can be really embarrassing and anti-social. But the good news is you do not have to suffer in silence, in this blog we explore the ways you can prevent foot odour from reoccurring and when to seek podiatrists help.

How to prevent unpleasant foot odour: Randell’s Footcare.
What causes unpleasant foot odour?

It is all to do with sweat and bacteria. Our feet sweat in order to keep the skin supple and moist and to help us regulate our temperature. However, when this sweat gets trapped in socks and shoes, it can create the perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive; warm, moist and dark. Sweat has a mild odour of its own but it is the bacteria that really cause the unpleasant smell.

Bacteria helps the sweat decompose and this releases a cheesy odour. The medical name for this condition is bromodosis.

To discover more about the causes of foot odour and how to prevent it, take a look at this video from one of Podiatrists, Clare.

What can I do about unpleasant foot odour?

Once you understand the causes, then the solutions to smelly feet become relatively simple:

Take a good look (or sniff) at your footwear.

Synthetic materials or closed toes can worsen the problem simply because sweat gets trapped, it might be time for a trip to the shoe shop.

Switch to socks made with natural fibres and make sure you regularly replace old ones.

Treat infections such as Athlete’s Foot promptly and consider using a natural anti-fungal cream or powder as a preventative measure.

Wash and dry your feet daily using antibacterial soap.

High pressure situations can increase sweating, so it might be necessary to try to tackle stress and anxiety.

If you are on your feet all day, your feet will sweat more, so pay careful attention to hygiene and change your footwear regularly.

Unpleasant foot odour may be common but they can also be symptoms of a more serious problem so it’s best not to ignore them entirely.

If smelly feet are having a negative effect on your life then talk to your Podiatrist who can provide a proper assessment and individual treatment and advice or contact our expert team today.

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