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Nails change as part of life.

Did you know…?

As time goes by, our bodies undergo many changes. Our toe nails are no exception and will be affected by a series of alterations throughout our lifetime. These changes, in turn, will be influenced by our different habits and routines.

The main changes will affect the colour and shape of the nails.

Why and how?

Sport or daily-life related injuries, can affect both colour and the form of the nail. Unfortunately these changes to the nail’s appearance are often permanent.

Typical bad habits, such as incorrect cutting of the nails over many years, are likely to cause the nail to change shape. These morphological changes can lead to the development of typical problems, such as ingrowing toe-nails. https://randellsfootcare.co.uk/ingrowing-toenails

Wearing nail polish, particularly dark shades for long periods of time, can cause the nails to gradually lose their natural colour.

Unhealthy habits, such as smoking or a poor diet, may also directly affect the colour and shape of the nails due to lack of nutrients or reduced blood supply.

In some cases, the appearance of the nails can change as a consequence of complex or multiple factors: diseases (e.g. psoriasis), aggressive treatments (e.g. chemotherapy), infections (e.g. fungal nail), etc. https://randellsfootcare.co.uk/fungal-infections

Podiatrists can help

As  Podiatrists, we stress the importance of early intervention, as prevention is better than cure. Identifying the problem early means treatment is often straight forward but seeking help even after many years will also make a big difference.

Do not hesitate to visit your podiatrist at least once a year, either to seek advice or to try to find out the best way to solve your foot problem.

Manuel Martinez Soler, Podiatrist at Randell’s Footcare.


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