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Slow pulse rate found with Doppler

Patient Story, Doppler

Mrs DW   Sheringham

This lady came for her regular treatment, she had no health issues except that she was feeling a bit rundown and tired, her usual list of medication had not changed for a while., during treatment I noted that her feet were quite cold, but it was a cold December day.

Towards the end of her foot treatment I listened with my Doppler to her foot pulses.  They were easy to find but her actual pulse was slow, about 44 bpm. I explained that this would account for her cold feet and possibly why she was feeling tired, I also pointed out that possibly her medication needed reviewing as one of her tablets, a beta-blocker, could be slowing her heart too much. I advised her to urgently make an appointment with her GP.

The next time Mrs W came in she was eager to tell me that she had not taken my advice and didn’t make an appointment to see her GP, but that the following week she collapsed at home and was taken to hospital as an emergency. Indeed, her tablets had been the problem and she wished she had taken my advice! She was also feeling a lot better generally. 


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