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High Heels – is it worth it?

Ladies, we all love wearing high heels right?  We feel elegant, taller and just fabulous when we put a pair on! However, there is a reason our feet throb in pain after about an hour of wearing stilettos. Yes, you all know that feeling of pulling your foot out of the heels when the night has finished and wincing in pain. This is because, high heels – alas – are just no good for our feet!


If you wear high heels on rare occasions, at a party or wedding, there won’t be any long-lasting damage. However, if you wear heels every day for work, you may want to re-think your footwear. Wearing heels all the time can limit the flexibility of your foot and ankle. This can also cause permanent structural damage. The ankle joint and ligaments in your feet become stretched & the Achilles tendon can become permanently shortened. Forcing more of your body weight forward onto your forefeet also has an effect on your knees, hip and spine. The body is misaligned and joints become worn over time. Not to mention the ill effects on your feet such as hammer toes, ingrowing toenails and other deformities. It also worsens existing foot conditions like bunions.


We are already seeing a reduction in women opting for heels. Sales of heels dropped by 12 per cent in 2018! It is now easier than ever to purchase shoes which are good for your posture and feet. For work, every day wear, and people who party a lot opt for trainers or an arched shoe which is sturdy enough to ensure a good posture whilst standing.

So cast aside those favourite stilettos or the sling back high wedges. 

You can still look good in a pair of sketches, AND you will be able to last longer on the dance floor!

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