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How to care for your feet in the summer

feet out of car window
feet out of car window Summer is the perfect time for getting outdoors, whether you’re walking, exploring nature, or trying different activities. But have you thought about how you are caring for your feet in the summer? Here, Rachel Clinkard from footwear specialists Charles Clinkard https://www.charlesclinkard.co.uk/ offers you some top tips for summer footcare. It’s easy to get carried away with being active during the summer months, with the sunshine and blooming flowers making it a much more enticing prospect than the wintery British weather. However, it’s important to remember that just as you’ll need to take care of your skin and stay hydrated during the hot weather, your feet will also require some extra attention. Here, we’ll go through some top tips for keeping your feet comfortable throughout the heat, so you can enjoy the summer to its fullest.

Remember sunscreen

When you apply your sunscreen before going out to the beach or for a walk, don’t forget your feet if you’re wearing sandals or flip flops. Any exposed skin will be in danger of burning under full sun, so take time to put sunscreen on your feet and let it soak in before putting on your sandals. This way, you can be sure that your whole foot is protected. Just as you’ll need to reapply sunscreen to your face and body at regular intervals throughout the day, you’ll also need to do this to your feet. If you are planning to swim or do other activities that might require you to reapply sunscreen while you’re out, remember to take it with you so you’re not caught unprepared.

Wear appropriate footwear

When you’re out in the sun, choose footwear that corresponds to the activity you’ll be doing. Flip flops and sandals might be great for a pool party or for lounging in the garden, but if you’re going to be doing lots of walking or playing a sport, you’ll need footwear that supports your feet while helping to keep them cool. The best way to achieve this balance is by choosing breathable but supportive shoes made for the sport or activity you’ll be doing. Add to this comfort and breathability by wearing sports socks that can wick away the sweat throughout the day, to ensure that you don’t get overheated or uncomfortable. Typically, socks that are made from synthetic fibres are better at wicking away sweat and keeping you cool.

Massage and soak your feet

At the end of a long, hot day, your feet might need some extra care to make them feel better. Your feet can swell up throughout the day due to the heat, making them feel more uncomfortable, and if you’ve been walking a lot then you might be experiencing some discomfort from that too. You can deal with this by learning how to give yourself a quick foot massage. Simply sit in a chair and roll across the ball of your foot with circular movements, using your thumb. Use gentle but firm motions and combine it with some simple foot stretches. Then, you can soak your feet in a bowl of warm water to relax the muscles and encourage them to loosen after a long day of walking. While it’s tempting to go for ice cold water, this can make your muscles feel tighter, so gentle warm water is best.

Exfoliate and moisturise

To keep your feet both feeling and look good, it’s important to take care of the skin in this area as well as protecting it from the sun. Find a gentle exfoliator that works for your feet — this might be chemical or physical, depending on how sensitive your skin is. This will help to clean away any dead skin cells, which can keep your feet looking good enough for summer sandals. Then, find a moisturiser that soaks into the skin quickly, and apply this daily to your feet to keep them looking healthy. As well as the skincare making your feet look good, it will also make you more comfortable throughout the hot days, as this can reduce irritation from dry skin, rashes, or blisters while you go about your activities.

Don’t forget your toenails

Your toenails will be on show much more in summer, as you’ll be wearing sandals or going barefoot, whereas this very rarely occurs in winter weather. Take the time to care for your toenails so that they are ready to be on show. You might want to paint them in a colour that matches your outfit, but even if you don’t, you should still cut and file them carefully. You can also buff the nails so that they look their healthiest and take on a subtle shine. Lastly, make sure that the nails are cleaned properly and remember to check for any discolouration that might indicate health issues such as fungus. As well as improving the look of your summer sandals, these tips will mean that you get to experience maximum comfort when taking part in sports and outdoor activities, as your toenails will be neat and short. Use these tips to help you care for your feet throughout the heatwaves, and enjoy being comfortable and cool this summer. Take the time to care for your feet and apply the much-needed sun protection, and then enjoy the weather to its fullest. If you would like further advice on how best to be caring for your feet in summer or a Podiatrist to look at your feet then contact us today and one of our friendly team will be happy to help

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