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LCN Nail Reconstruction – What is it and am I suitable?

Nail Reconstruction Randells Footcare
Clare Rushmer

With the sun finally starting to appear and the summer season fast approaching you are probably thinking about putting those big boots away and getting the sandals out? However if you have damaged or partially missing nails you might be apprehensive about having your feet out in public? Let us restore your confidence this summer season with nail reconstruction!

What is LCN Nail Reconstruction?

LCN nail reconstruction is a technique using layers of gel to build up and reconstruct a toenail. These are cured under UV light to set, and become a firm nail-like substance. As a gel, it is flexible so perfect for toenails which are weight-bearing. Acrylics are rigid so useful for fingernails, but not suitable for toenails. 

Nail reconstruction is used when people who have fungal, damaged, or partially missing toenails, want an aesthetically pleasing false nail. It is not a treatment for permanently improving toenails, but provides an excellent temporary solution, for example during the summer months when wearing sandals. The reconstructed nail lasts for 2 months, however you can have it removed and rebuilt again a week later.

Am I Suitable?

The procedure is suitable for everyone, as long as you have no allergy to the materials, there are no medical or medication contraindications. However it is not suitable for every nail! There must be some remaining nail to which we can adhere the layers of gel. If you have had your toenails completely removed, it would not unfortunately be possible. There needs to be about a third of a normal nail size remaining. It is also not suitable if you have a current wound on your toe, e.g. if half your nail has been accidentally removed by a trauma, you would need to wait for this to heal.

Nail reconstruction is currently available at Randell’s Footcare in our Aylsham branch. The process takes two appointments, a week apart. The first is to cut back, thin down and prepare the existing nail. The second is to build the reconstruction. The appointments should be completely relaxed and enjoyable, with no discomfort. If you are unsure if your nail would be suitable for reconstruction then speak to your podiatrist at your next appointment or contact our team today with images of your nail and we will be happy to advise you further.

Contact us today to arrange your nail reconstruction in time for the summer season!

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