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A Spanish Podiatrist working in the UK

A Spanish Podiatrist working in the UK

Ever wondered about working as a podiatrist abroad?

I always dreamt of experiencing England first hand. I never imagined it would be possible to realise this dream, whilst at the same time continue to pursue my career.

Having completed high school, I embarked upon a two-year course in sports coaching which opened the door to becoming a podiatrist.

I chose Barcelona University because of its outstanding reputation and great location, not to mention the distance from my “beloved” Mallorca.

On completion of my degree I was given the opportunity to work at Dr Novel’s, (the Dean of Podiatry), private clinic which allowed me to develop my skills under her wing.

Life can be unpredictable                                 

However,  little did I realise that my career was about to take another turn.  I was catching up with a friend one day and he mentioned that a family run company was looking for a highly qualified podiatrist in England.

That is how Randell’s Footcare came into the picture.

That night, when I got home I researched the county of Norfolk and in particular Norwich. It looked like a nice place but I wasn’t 100% sure that I was ready for such a life changing move, until I met Karen and Steve Randell.

After my meeting with the Randells, I knew this was the right decision for me. They offered me a chance to work within a company which focuses on family values in a supportive and caring way.

Plenty of variety                                                                                       

Working as a podiatrist in England is not dissimilar to Spain; bio-mechanics, chiropody, surgery etc.

However, working at Randell’s has afforded me the opportunity to practice in a variety of places. Such as prisons, professional football teams, inner city and rural practices.

This variety of workplace has kept me on my toes and allowed me to develop my professional abilities.

I have been able to see the many aspects of Norfolk from rural coastal villages, to the Norwich metropolis.

I would recommend Randell’s to anybody looking for a new adventure in podiatry, particularly those seeking to develop their podiatry skills in a supportive team.

Miquel Bibiloni Vilanova, Podiatrist at Randell’s Footcare.

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