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Summer 2018 Newsletter

Staff Focus Miquel Bibiloni

  • Miquel is one of our podiatrists and works in many of our clinics, working for Randell’s Footcare for 2 years and 5 months!
  • He is known among his colleges for his witty and cheeky humor, as he loves to pull pranks!
  • Miquel is from Majorca, and studied a Podiatry BSC at the University of Barcelona.
  • Patients describe him as a ‘breath of fresh air’!
  • Thank you Miquel for being a wonderful and core part of our team!

Keep on Moving


Our brand new Biomechanics centre in Adelaide St Clinic, Norwich, is now in full swing! We use cutting edge technology to observe the pressure points of your feet! This includes a static, dynamic, and video gait analysis, recording your lower limb movement in slow motion! This allows us to clearly see any abnormalities. We will explain the analysis and set a treatment plan for you!


Go Go-Karting

Ready, Set, GO!!!! We took the team to Kartrack in Cromer, for our staff day out!                                     

As the green light signalled, the karts blasted down the track, with a great screech! The crowd was roaring as the karts stormed passed, with our business manager Becky, appointed cheer leader!


There were bumps, crashes, and cries! In the end the results were out..

Festival Feet

Top tips to keep your feet glowing all fest!

  • Socks, Socks, & SOCKS! Festivals are often muddy, and a muddy sock means a muddy foot, which can lead to infections! Bring extra socks to regularly change!
  • Breathable, durable, shoes
    Opt for comfy light weight shoes, which can dry quickly if you get them wet, ensuring you dance all night long! If the rain is constant, wear wellington boots!
  •  Wet wipes
    You may have to skip the shower at some festivals, so opt for a ‘wet wipe shower’, making sure you get in between your toes too!

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