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What is a Podiatrist? All you need to know about Podiatry

Podiatry! What is that? ” A podiatrist cuts people’s nails?” “Do you like feet?” These are some of the most common things Randell’s Footcare podiatrist, Gloria, hears from people when she tells them she is a podiatrist.

So, what is a podiatrist and what do they do? How do you become a podiatrist and why would you need to see one? Gloria also talks about what to expect at your first podiatry appointment and what a podiatrist will treat.

What is a Podiatrist?

Podiatry is a medical speciality performed by a healthcare professional called a podiatrist who focuses on the lower limb, that is, your feet and legs. A podiatrist will assess, treat and prevent any condition in the lower limb. 

The best and easiest way to explain what a podiatrist is, is to say, a podiatrist is a ‘foot doctor’


All of Randell’s Footcare podiatrists have completed at least a 3-year full-time university BSc in Podiatry and are HCPC-registered, meaning we are experts in our field and you can trust us to offer the best foot health care. 

Specialities in Podiatry

An increasing requirement for podiatry in people all around the world has progressed the need to specialise within this field of medicine. After general podiatry training, a podiatrist can choose to study further different aspects of podiatry and become a specialist in that area

Podiatry subspecialties include:







Autoimmune and inflammatory

Podiatric surgery


3 podiatrist chatting together
3 podiatrist chatting together

At Randell’s Footcare, we have podiatrists who specialise in Biomechanics, Dermatology with the aspect of specifically treating verrucae and treating and managing any skin lesion that may form on the skin. We also have Podiatrists trained in nail reconstruction. I personally love treating ingrown toenails

Podiatrists will often work with other health professionals including GPs, Hospital consultants, Nurses and Physiotherapists.

Reasons to see a podiatrist

There are many reasons to see a podiatrist. Here are a few:

Foot pain

Sports injury

Routine foot assessment

Ingrown nails

Thick nails

Cracked heel and dry skin

People suffering from diabetes 

People suffering from any Vascular disease

What do Podiatrists do daily?

With an array of things that could go wrong with your foot, there are some common problems seen in podiatry clinics.

Patients may come into the Podiatry Clinic with:

Skin issues – warts, corns and hard skin, fungal infections

Foot injuries – sprains and strains

Foot pain – bunions, osteoarthritis

Nail problems – thick nails or infected nails

Structural foot deformities – hammer toes or claw toes

Heel pathologies – heel spurs and plantar fasciitis

Diabetic foot disorders – neuropathy.

What will happen at my first podiatry appointment?  

At Randell’s Footcare, when you visit us for the first time, you will be greeted by a member of our reception and asked to complete a registration form. It is important that you come with a list of medications that you are currently taking as your podiatrist needs to be aware of them.

Your podiatrist will then call you and take you to the private clinic room. You will then tell them about your foot problem. The podiatrist will usually ask some questions and perform an assessment. They will then explain to you what they found and discuss the available treatments with their advantages or disadvantages.

Before treatment is carried out, your podiatrist will ensure that you understand what is going to be done and that you are comfortable with the treatments. Treatments are not usually painful. However, some can get uncomfortable such as when treating verruca with cryotherapy and when removing ingrown nails conservatively. 

Randell’s Footcare Podiatrists

At Randell’s Footcare, we have a diverse, friendly and driven team of HCPC-registered podiatrists. They are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our patients to enable them to achieve optimal foot health. 

We can help diagnose and treat a wide range of foot and ankle problems. Our podiatrists work in Randell’s Footcare’s seven clinics across Norfolk to meet the foot care needs of our local patients. 

No matter what your foot issues are, our dedicated team will be able to help.

Book a podiatry appointment with our experts

If you’re experiencing foot or ankle pain or discomfort or you would like a foot check-up, book an appointment with us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable Admin team offers a free mini consult to ensure you’re booked in to see the right podiatrist for your needs.

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