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Biomechanics – What it is and Why it’s useful

Biomechanics is one of the fields of podiatry, which involves the prevention, diagnosis and assessment of the structure, alignment and function of muscles, bones and joints of the feet and lower limb.

Podiatrists think like engineers to understand the abnormal tissue stresses that cause foot and lower extremity problems. By understanding bio-mechanics principles, we can all really help you to get over your injuries  and improve your life with the most effective treatment

What is a biomechanical assessment ? What does it involve?

A bio-mechanical examination consists of examining the way your lower limbs work, checking for abnormalities and possible causes of pain in the foot, ankle, knee and back. It involves  a series of clinical tests (non- standing and on-standing ), gait and footwear patterns analysis.

The  visit can take up to 45 minutes and the examination is divided into two sections:

Non-standing and on-standing examination – a static assessment during which we will take various measurements while you lie down and stand up.
The musculoskeletal examination also includes a dynamic assessment during which we will check your walking whilst on a treadmill and when walking over our pressure plate. 

Why  might I need a biomechanical assessment?

Very few people are completely symmetrical and this affects the way they stand and move. They may also have additional problems including particularly high or low arches in the feet, one leg longer than the other, or a sports injury. In some cases, people adapt to abnormalities without any problems; however, for other people they can cause pain as the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons are put under extra stress when they move.

Once we have identified the problems that are causing the pain, we can advise on  insoles and design them as well as suggest exercises to improve strength and flexibility.

At Randell’s Footcare we have a fantastic podiatric biomechanics team who strongly believe in prevention as the best way to keep our bodies and feet in great condition.


Ivan Maestre, Podiatrist

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