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Podiatry Biomechanics and the Role of Orthotic Inserts for Flat Feet and High Arches

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Proper foot biomechanics play a vital role in maintaining optimal foot function and preventing various foot conditions. Flat feet and high arches are two common foot conditions that can lead to discomfort and potential complications. In this blog, we will explore the concept of podiatry biomechanics, understand the impact of flat feet and high arches […]


Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanics and how it might help me What is biomechanics? It is one of the fields of podiatry, which involves the prevention, diagnosis and assessment of the structure, alignment and function of muscles, bones and joints of the feet and lower limb. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biomechanics Podiatrists think like engineers to understand the abnormal tissue stresses that cause […]

Growing pains and children’s limbs

Growing pains?  Does your child complain of leg and foot pains?   Recurrent limb pain in childhood is a fairly common condition, with children typically experiencing aching pains in the late afternoon and early evening. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/growing-pains/symptoms-causes/syc-20354349 The under fives might complain of their legs feeling tired rather than painful and you might notice they are unusually clumsy or unstable.  […]

Knee Pain : a confusing diagnosis ….

We often see patients in our clinics who suffer with knee pain due to ‘arthritis’. This can be a rather confusing and misleading diagnosis, as it literally means inflammation of the joint and it is by no means always the case that the knee structures are inflamed..  arthritis of the knee is rather too unspecific […]

Morton’s Neuroma … A pain in the foot.

A neuroma is the swelling of a nerve due to trauma or compression. The most common site for neuroma is the ball of the foot and is usually caused by stress and abnormal movement of the long bones behind the toes, (the metatarsal bones). A puncture wound or laceration that injures one of the nerves […]

Recurrent limb pain in childhood

Worried parents? We are often approached by parents concerned about their children complaining of painful feet and lower limbs. If this is something that affects your child, then should you be worried? Children can express pain from a young age, although it can be tricky to identify the source of the pain in very young […]

Bio-mechanical Assessment (Made simple!)

 Specialists in podiatry and biomechanics Our feet are the only things that support us against the ground and the way they do this influences the rest of our body’s posture. We are specialists in podiatry and biomechanics.  Particularly interested in the bio-mechanical studies which serve to assess which type of treatment is the most appropriate […]