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The Podiatry Assistant’s Role explained

Podiatry Assistants – Who are they and what do they do? The assistant practitioner is the Podiatry support worker often referred to as a Podiatry assistant or a Foot Care Assistant. The title and main responsibilities of the role are determined by the employing Podiatrist in private practice. While the scope of their role is […]

A day in the life of a podiatrist working in the UK at Randell’s Footcare

Podiatrist Gloria talks about working as a podiatrist in the UK

Working as a podiatrist at Randell’s Footcare fully utilises a podiatrist’s skills, qualifications and knowledge. What’s more, you get a real family feeling working as a team member and supporting each other. In this blog, we talk to Gloria, one of our newest members of staff who has joined us from Lesotho, a country landlocked […]

Family Business

Meet Karen Randell, Co-founder of Randell's Footcare

Karen Randell is an experienced podiatrist and clinical director of Randell’s Footcare, the other director is Karen’s husband Steve and their son Aidan is currently in his 2nd year at university studying podiatry, so it’s a real family business!  https://cop.org.uk/become-a-podiatrist/career-opportunities-and-scope Randell’s Footcare offer excellence and expertise for all issues affecting the feet and lower limbs in […]